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Рецензия Александра Герда

Letter of Recommendation

Name of Applicant: Alexey Plutser-Sarno
Title of Project: Dictionaries of Russian Slang, Obscenities, etc.

A. Plutser-Sarno is a talented lexicographer. He intensively goes in for collecting and systematizing non-literary non-normative lexics and phraseology of Russian language, previously not worked up in Russian and foreign dictionaries. Though lexics and phraseology of this kind regularly takes place in Russian literature and so there is a great need for such dictionaries. The first book by A. Plutser-Sarno, "Dictionary of Russian mat", appears to be an academically work of a high-level professional lexicographer. It's value was recognized by the scholarly audience. The material has been never worked up so carefully. The dictionary is based on many thousands of sources. The scholar has completed a tremendous work and can be rightfully qualified as one of the most industrious, conscientious and skilled lexicographers in Russia.
A. Plutser-Sarno is proposing new original projects on Dictionaries of
obscene lexics (& other). I regard the project as very interesting and useful.

Name of Referee:

Alexander S. Gerd
Member of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Head (Chief) of the Dpt. of Structural, Mathematical & Applied Linguistics University of St. Petersburg,
Ph. D.,

Date: 01. 02. 1999
Institution University of St. Petersburg

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