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Рецензия Хенрика Барана

Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Humanities 254 Albany, New York 12222


Selection Committee for Grants Soros Foundation, Russia
Moscow, Russian Federation
Recommendation for Alex Plutser-Sarno:

I am writing in support of the application by Alexey Plutser-Sarno for a grant for his lexicographic project. I have known this candidate for severs years, having had occasion to discuss his research with him during my trips to Moscow and Petersburg, and to review portions of his manuscript.
Alexey Plutser-Sarno is a promising young scholar, a gifted linguist, lexicographer and folklorist. He graduated from Tartu University, where he worked under the guidance of the professor Yu. M. Lotman. Plutser-Sarno has engaged in lexicographic research for more than 15 years; as a result of his fieldwork he has gathered a major collection of lexical materials. For the last five years he has worked full time on compiling a dictionary of Russian netsenzurnaja leksika, an area of the Russian lexicon which for a long time it was very difficult to approach in a scientific manner. Having seen some of the materials compiled by the applicant, especially the many examples from literature, folklore and spoken language used to illustrate each entry (slovarnaja stat'ja), I wish confirm that the project has been carried out at the highest professional level and is unquestionably the best ex sting scientific effort in the sphere of lexicographic research on Russian mat. Plutser-Sarno's achievement compares favorably even with materials gathered and analyzed during the 1960s-1970s by the late Kirill Vladimirovich Uspenskii (Kostsinskii), the pioneer in the study of nenormativnaja russkaia leksika (a project that was interrupted by the author's death). The applicant's lengthy manuscript of several hundred pages contains unique materials on lexicon, and phraseology and syntax. The manuscript is in its final stage, and is ready for publication.
The proposed dictionary will be of major scholarly value, and should attract a favorable assessment for its exhaustive, objective, and methodologically mature treatment of this layer of the Russian language. Alexey Plutser-Sarno, whose longer-term plan is for a series of unique specialized dictionaries, is one of the best younger lexicographers in Russia. He is able to carry out valuable work in the field of compiling dictionaries. I recommend this project for funding support.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely yours,
Henryk Baran
Dept. of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
University at Albany, SUNY


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