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Рецензия Сергея Старостина


To whom it may concern

I find the dictionary of Alex Plutser-Sarno a very impressive piece of work. Although several concise vocabularies of obscene lexicon were recently published, none of them is as detailed and abundant as the present one. From the academic point of view, this dictionary fills in a gap in Russian lexicography that could not be covered up during the hypocritic Soviet era. Obscene vocabulary is known to play a major role in Russian life, and its detailed study is of primary importance for the whole field of Russian culturology. The dictionary of A. Plutser-Sarno certainly deserves to be published, and not just as a fiction bestseller, but as a serious academic achievement.

Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Head of the Dept. of Comparative Linguistics, Russian State
University of the Humanities,
Prof. Dr. Sergei A. Starostin




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